Do You Want Whiter Teeth?


When you flick through the celebrity magazines, do you notice how many movie stars have gleaming white smiles? Do you ever wonder how they do it? It’s probably because they have undergone a treatment to have their teeth whitened. No-one’s teeth are perfect. We could all do with a little help here and there. Even if you don’t have the desire to walk down the Oscars red carpet, whiter teeth will give you a confident and attractive smile.

There are two types of whitening treatments available: take-home and in-office. I usually recommend take-home whitening to our patients; I believe it is the most successful method with the most consistent results. About seven years ago, I used this method myself, with very satisfying results. Take a look at my smile on the sign outside our office when you’re next here.

You can learn more about whitening in the “Treatments” page of our website. If you’d like to discuss whether whitening is appropriate for you, please call us on (03) 9510 5597.


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