“I can’t afford the dentist!” | Financial Fears and Solutions

  In an age where Medicare offers no relief on dental treatment, there are many, many people out there who struggle to afford dentistry.  Dr. Helen, a Melbourne-based dentist whose expertise in dental phobias and implant surgery, knows these patients' struggles all too well.  Luckily, with help and transparency, dental work can be managed. Dr. Helen [...]

An Open Letter to My Patients who are Afraid of the Dentist

An Open Letter to my Patients who are Scared of the Dentist: It’s been five, ten, even fifteen years since you’ve scheduled a dentist appointment. The thought of sitting in the chair, the sound of the drill, the sharp-edged memories of the mobile dentists in childhood with their impatient, rough hands are still open wounds [...]

What Makes a Consultation with Dr. Helen So Special?

Let’s Have a Conversation: Consultations at Dr. Helen's One of the most common ways to alleviate a fear of flying is to introduce the flyer to the pilot before their trip.  Sometimes, a quick chat with the person behind the controls is all that’s needed to put a nervous flyer at ease.  Dr. Helen Voronina [...]

When Irish Eyes are Smiling!

Before After Meet Sean our lovely Irish patient who had veneers done before heading home to visit his family and show off his new smile. Sean had ground down his front teeth making them look unsightly. He has been thinking about having the damage repaired for a long time. Now he is able to smile [...]

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What Does All-on-4 Treatment Cost?

Cost is a big consideration and the most commonly asked question from people who are considering this treatment. Using traditional methods of using 5 to 8 implants, an upper or lower arch would cost $30,000 - $50,000. With the advent of the All on 4 procedure, the cost of rehabilitating full arch of teeth has [...]

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