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Dental Veneers

Patient: Aurelija

Condition: Aurelija came to our clinic seeking a replacement of her composite veneers, which were done overseas several years ago. Her chief complaint was the noticeable tetracycline staining that had plagued her since childhood, was showing through her existing composite veneers, causing a significant cosmetic concern.

Procedure: To address Aurelija’s concerns, we recommended the replacement of her composite veneers with porcelain veneers. First, the existing composite veneers were carefully removed, and the underlying tooth structure was assessed. In Aurelija’s case, the underlying stains were dark, making it challenging to mask the staining with lifelike, see-through porcelain veneers. Nevertheless, after several trials and adjustments, a desirable outcome was achieved.
Overtime, new crowns were made for existing implants behind the front six veneers to seamlessly blend with her new porcelain veneers, ensuring a harmonious and uniform smile.
Aurelija’s goal was address the staining issues that had been a source of concern for many years. The combination of porcelain veneers and implant crowns provided a comprehensive solution, not only enhancing her smile but also ensuring long-lasting results.

Patient: Anthony

Condition: Anthony’s partner (patient Paige – below) had veneers done a few years ago, and he wanted to do the same. Although his teeth were already good, he simply wanted them to look brighter and perfect.

Procedure: After the preliminary planning, his teeth were lightly prepared, and white veneers were made in two weeks. Anthony remarked that they are exactly as he imagined them.

Patient: Donna

Condition: Donna desired veneers to enhance the appearance of her short, gapped teeth while ensuring they maintained a natural look.

Procedure: Following careful initial planning, Donna’s teeth were lightly prepared, and custom white veneers were crafted over the course of two weeks. Donna expressed her satisfaction, noting that the veneers met her expectations for a natural look and improved her smile.

Patient: Neil

Condition: Neil wanted a fresher look for his stained upper teeth. He was unhappy with the discoloration and staining that had developed over the years, and he wished to rejuvenate his smile. He wanted a fresh but a natural look.

Procedure: It was determined that porcelain veneers would be the most suitable solution to rejuvenate his upper teeth. Ten custom porcelain veneers were crafted to fit Neil’s teeth. These veneers were designed to not only cover the stains but also enhance the overall aesthetics of his upper teeth. The final result would be a fresher, brighter smile that Neil desired.

Patient: Paige

Condition: Paige expressed a desire to enhance her upper teeth with porcelain veneers. She admired her mother’s dental veneers (patient Donna – above) and aimed to achieve a similar aesthetic for herself. Paige’s teeth were differed in size, making orthodontic treatment less favourable for achieving the desired outcome. A friend of Paige’s had undergone orthodontic treatment, and Paige was not satisfied with the results, which further solidified her decision to opt for veneers.

Procedure: Given Paige’s preference, it was decided that ten custom porcelain veneers would be the best course of action. These minimally preparation veneers, to preserve her natural tooth structure, would address the size discrepancies in her teeth. The veneers would be crafted to fit her teeth perfectly, resulting in a beautiful and harmonious smile that matched her expectations.

Patient: Michael

Condition: Michael presented with existing top composite veneers that he found acceptable, but he had disproportionate lower front teeth, concealed with a composite bridge. His goal was to find a more suitable solution for his lower front teeth, improving their appearance and durability.

Procedure: To address Michael’s concerns, our recommended treatment plan involved several steps. First, we recommended using clear aligners to create the required proportions to be able to replace the missing teeth with a bridge. Once the alignment was achieved, we could create a more robust and aesthetically pleasing bridge using zirconia, a superior material compared to composite. Additionally, we advised Michael about the disproportionate size of his upper teeth. To ensure overall symmetry, we proposed aligning and reducing the size of his top teeth with clear aligners at the same time. After this, Michael would undergo a procedure involving the placement of six porcelain veneers on the upper teeth, providing a natural and harmonious, well balanced appearance.

Patient: Lucy

Condition: Lucy has small teeth with gaps. She wanted to have bigger teeth with a more harmonious balanced look. She compared her natural small teeth to tic tacs.

Procedure: To address Lucy’s concerns and achieve her desired smile transformation, our recommended treatment plan was simple – 8 porcelain veneers, which would provide a natural and harmonious appearance while addressing the size issue. This would not only give Lucy the bigger, balanced teeth she desired but also result in a more aesthetically pleasing smile overall

Patient: Sean

Condition: Sean’s concern was simple. He had veneers on the front two teeth a while ago, and they have chipped. The other two front teeth had worn down due to grinding at night. With newer technology, stronger (emax) veneers were used this time.

Procedure: Four porcelain veneers were custom made to be cemented to his front four teeth to blend seamlessly with the rest of his natural teeth, and repair the damage.

Patient: Catherine

Condition: Catherine aspired to achieve veneers similar to those of her primary school friend (patient Paige- below) who had already undergone the procedure. Catherine’s smile was noticeably gummy, necessitating gum contouring (crown lengthening) before the creation of 10 veneers to attain a perfect yet natural look.

Procedure: After a thorough initial assessment and treatment planning, To improve her gum-to-tooth ratio, Catherine’s gum contouring (crown lengthening) was performed prior to us doing her veneers. Subsequently, ten porcelain veneers were crafted and fitted over the course of two weeks.

Patient: Lachlan

Condition: Lachlan expressed dissatisfaction with the colour and shape of his teeth, along with the existing gum recession. While content with the lower teeth, he was particularly concerned about the uneven edges and sought a natural look, akin to the veneers previously done for other patients.

Procedure: Following discussions and planning, Lachlan consented to proceed with 10 upper veneers to address his concerns. The treatment involved carefully preparing his teeth, followed by the crafting of natural-looking veneers within a two-week period. Lachlan’s aim was to achieve a natural appearance similar to those he’d admired, and he was hopeful for results that aligned with his vision.


Patient: Michel

Condition: Michel had a car accident 30 years ago, which resulted in injuries to the left side of his face. Dental work was required to address the damage incurred during the accident. Michel is now contemplating whether he should remove her teeth and opt for dental implants. Her previous dentist had informed her that dental work typically needed replacement every ten years, but remarkably, Michel’s existing dental restorations have endured for three decades. She sought a solution that not only enhanced the colour of her teeth but also lasted her lifetime.

Procedure: After careful assessment, it was recommended that Michel retain her healthy, natural teeth, which were in good condition. Rather than extracting them, the optimal approach would be to replace the aging dental restorations with new, more modern crowns and bridges. These new restorations would not only rejuvenate the appearance of her teeth, making them whiter and more aesthetically pleasing but also ensure their durability for many more years to come, aligning with Michel’s desire for a long-lasting solution.

Patient: Nick

Condition: Nick approached our clinic with a desire to attain what he referred to as a “million-dollar smile.” After extensive research, he was considering the option of All-on-4 dental implants, assuming that his bottom teeth needed replacement. Nick had lost all of his upper teeth and was currently using a full denture, which served its purpose but didn’t quite meet his expectations in terms of aesthetics.

Procedure: Upon evaluating Nick’s case, it became apparent that there was a more cost-effective, less invasive and practical solution. Nick’s bottom teeth were in reasonable condition and could be preserved. To achieve his desired smile makeover, we opted for a two-fold approach. First, we restored his lower teeth using a combination of crowns and bridges, ensuring they were both functional and visually pleasing. Secondly, we provided Nick with a new, improved upper full denture that not only met his aesthetic aspirations but also fit comfortably.
This approach not only saved Nick from the need for unnecessary dental implant surgery but also offered a more affordable and equally satisfying outcome that was well within his budget.

Patient: Helen

Condition: Helen had not visited a dentist in a decade. She experienced sensitivity to temperature, particularly hot and cold sensations, on a regular basis. Helen had dental anxiety, but she truly desired better teeth so she was ready to restore them. Aesthetic concerns about her smile were also at the forefront of her mind, and she was determined to rebuild her teeth.

Procedure: To harmonise the uneven contour of her gums, gum contouring was performed first. After a three months healing period, we proceeded with crowns for both the top and bottom teeth. Our approach aimed to restore her oral function and enhance the appearance of Helen’s teeth, which was crucial for her overall well-being and satisfaction. Helen was advised to wear a protective grinding plate at night during sleep to safeguard her new crowns from wear due to grinding. Helen mentioned that she has received many compliments on her teeth.

Patient: Ilona

Condition: Ilona was unhappy with the appearance of her smile and the discoloration in her anterior teeth. While Ilona was not experiencing pain, her primary goals were to enhance the aesthetic appeal of her teeth and to replace the missing teeth in the lower jaw.

Procedure: To address Ilona’s needs, the treatment included a combination of crowns, bridges, veneers, and dental implants. This would restore her anterior teeth to their natural, vibrant appearance and improve her overall oral function. By implementing this multifaceted approach, we were able to provide Ilona with both a visually pleasing smile and the ability to enjoy a wide range of foods comfortably. This approach not only addressed her aesthetic concerns but also ensured the long-term durability and functionality of her teeth, aligning perfectly with her desire for an improved, beautiful, and functional smile.

Patient: Nick

Condition: Nick had lost all hope in the condition of his teeth and was considering complete replacement. He felt disheartened by the state of his oral health.

Procedure: After a thorough evaluation, we recommended a different approach for Nick. Rather than giving up on his teeth, we proposed a comprehensive restoration plan. This involved the use of crowns, bridges, and implants in the lower front region, where teeth were loose and couldn’t be saved.
By choosing this approach, Nick could regain confidence in his smile and oral function without resorting to full replacement. It not only provided a viable solution but also allowed him to preserve his natural teeth, ensuring both aesthetics and long-term functionality. This approach aligned perfectly with Nick’s desire to revitalize his smile and overall oral health.

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