Smile Consultation

For treatments up to $9,500 we offer Denticare.

Denticare is a payment plan that doesn’t require credit checks for approval and is a viable solution to spread payments out over 2 years. Approval only takes a few days and you can apply in our office after a consultation to prepare your treatment plan. Denticare can be a viable solution to manage the cost of dentures or the general cost of dentistry in Melbourne.

For more information on Denticare and how to choose the right payment plan, click here to visit their website.

For treatments between $9,500 and $30,000 we offer MiFund.

For treatments over $9,500, MiFund is a great solution. MiFund offers payment plans up to $30,000 with repayment terms of up to three years. The terms are clear and uncomplicated and can make more extensive treatment plans achievable for patients looking to spread the cost out over time.

For treatments over $9,000 and up we offer MacCredit.

The cost of complete teeth replacement is determined by a number of factors, including bone density and gum health, which can only be determined following a consultation. Fixed denture costs and permanent denture costs can also be included in this payment plan. Regardless of the cost of your treatment, there is a payment plan to suite your individual needs.

For more information on MAC credit and their payment plans, click here to visit their website.