Smile Consultation

Dr Helen believes that nutrition and dental health go hand-in-hand.  Preventative dentistry starts on your dinner plate and is much more cost-effective!

If you’re looking for dental nutrition advice, Dr Helen offers comprehensive consultations and can discuss simple, inexpensive, realistic dietary advice to prevent dental decay, strengthen teeth, and optimise your oral health.

Dr Helen advocates a whole foods, plant based diet and can discuss with you how to:

  • Minimise sugar intake
  • Minimise frequency of sugar
  • The difference between high-acid and low acid foods
  • Create delicious, easy unprocessed meals
  • Get all the nutrients you need for a healthy mouth without expensive supplements or difficult meal plans

Did you know, for instance, sugar is the only thing that causes dental caries (cavities)? and that the type of sugar in whole fruits affects the teeth differently from the kind found in processed sugar, fruit juices, smoothies, and dried fruit?

Acid erosion affects many patients, even those with healthy diets, because things like lemon water, high-acid fruits, or brushing too soon after a meal can demineralise teeth!

If you’d like to talk a bit more about how to sculpt your diet for the best, healthiest smile available, please book a consultation.