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All teeth on 4 implants

Patient: Coline

Condition: Coline presented with significant dental challenges, having only three original upper teeth and utilizing a partial plate. She expressed deep anxiety and embarrassment due to the condition of her teeth and desired a solution to regain her ability to smile confidently. Several teeth exhibited mobility.

Procedure: Based on the assessment, the recommended treatment plan included six implants in the upper jaw and 4 implants in the lower jaw.
Coline decided to proceed with the recommended treatment, aiming to address her dental issues and restore both the functional and aesthetic aspects of her smile. The chosen treatment plan reflected a comprehensive approach tailored to her specific needs and circumstances.


Condition: Meet Sandra, originally hailing from picturesque Tasmania, Australia. Her dental condition has been a source of discomfort for years. She came to us wears a partial denture, and just prior, her dentist suggested that she would soon require a full denture due to her declining dental health. Sandra was not interested in a full denture and therefore wanted to explore All on 4 full mouth implants.

Procedure: Some grafting of the upper jaw was required to regenerate missing bone architecture before All on 4 implants could be placed. Sandra continued to wear a temporary removable denture until she was ready for implants.

The All-on-4 procedure involves strategically placing four dental implants in the upper jaw. These implants act as sturdy anchors for a custom-made, natural-looking dental prosthesis, replacing her partial denture. The result? A beautifully restored smile that feels just like her own teeth. No more loose dentures, no more adhesive glues – just confidence and comfort.

Patient: Joanne

Condition: Joanne came in to see us for honest advice on what to do with her teeth. During COVID, a few of her teeth broke. She recalled that her teeth started deteriorating after her pregnancy, and she subsequently lost more teeth. She got by with dentures for some years but now was the time to so something as she is a business owner and couldn’t go around with lower teeth in such a condition. Joanne was on a mission to quit smoking, and with much needed support from her husband she embarked on the journey of full mouth dental implants.

Procedure: Six implants in the upper jaw and six in the lower jaw. Initially we made Joanne titanium reinforced acrylic teeth but following some further discussions, they were upgraded to zirconia bridges for strength, as Joanne grinds her teeth at night. She also wears a night guars (occlusal splint) to protect them.

Patient: Sotirios

Condition:  Sotirios presented with multiple missing teeth in the upper jaw. He only had a few teeth remaining and wanted to replace them all with fixed implants, he knew his remaining teeth couldn’t be salvaged. A family friend had All-on-4 implant surgery a few years prior and mentioned how happy he was with the result. This was all the encouragement Sotirios needed, he was determined in proceeding with All-on-4 implants.

Procedure: Under General anaesthesia, Sotirios had his top teeth removed and replaced with 4 implants. They anchored well on the day so he was able to return the following day for his new but temporary upper bridge. The new teeth in 1 day made an enormous difference to his smile. Although he had to eat soft foods for five months until implants fully integrated, time passed very quickly, and Sotirios was now able to enjoy all sorts of food with his new upper titanium reinforced acrylic teeth. In the lower jaw, Sortirios decided to have his teeth whitened and have a partial removable denture.

Patient: Robert

Condition: Robert’s request was simple. Without being too wordy, he told us that after having a lot of dental work over the years, he wanted to start all over again, so he is considering All on 4 implants. Many of Robert’s teeth were decayed, and broken beyond repair. The most notable problem was his severe grinding. However, he had good bony foundation for full mouth dental implants.

Procedure: On the day of the surgery we removed all of the teeth and replaced them with for implants in the upper jaw and for implants in the lower jaw, followed by immediate temporary teeth bridges in two days. After his implants healed and integrated, temporary bridges were replaced with final teeth, being fixed acrylic bridge in the lower jaw, and a removable/fixed acrylic denture in he upper jaw. This is to enable for ease of cleaning, but primarily to allow Robert to remove the upper teeth at night to prevent him from breaking his new teeth while grinding in his sleep.

Patient: Lan

Condition: Lan told us that she has been suffering from gum disease since she was 18. Her teeth were unstable and wobbly, and she noticed that they started to move forward in her mouth. She has lost a few teeth at a young age, and now wanted to improve their condition.

Procedure: After considering the option of maintaining some of the teeth and replacing others, versus replacing them all, Lan opted to replace all of the teeth with implants.  Upper and lower immediate full arch All on 6 implants were done, which also required sinus lift grafting in the upper jaws. Even though Lan grinds her teeth at night, she decided to go for titanium reinforced acrylic teeth, and to wear a protective, grinding splint at night.

Patient: Karin

Condition: Meet Karin, a long-time sufferer of dental issues that have persisted over the years. Recently, she experienced the loss of two more teeth. Frustrated by the ongoing dental problems, Karin sought a solution and had a denture made to replace the missing teeth. However, she found it challenging to adapt to it, making eating a frustrating experience. Karin was determined to regain control over her dental health.

Procedure: To address Karin’s persistent dental problems a plan to save and restore her lower teeth and completely replace her upper teeth with implants was devised. Her lower missing teeth were replaced with zirconia bridges. In the upper jaw to regrow enough bone for dental implants, she underwent sinus grafting on both sides. Following this, seven implant were placed in the upper jaw, followed by a full arch acrylic bridge.

By addressing Karin’s unique dental concerns and crafting a personalized treatment plan, our goal is to empower her to regain control over her dental health. We understand the frustration that persistent dental issues can cause, and we were thrilled to help Karin achieve a smile that is both functional and comfortable.

Patient: Goran

Condition: When he first attended, Goran told us that one of his front teeth chipped when he was 11. One thing led to another, and over the years the remainder of his teeth had deteriorated, leaving only a few remaining teeth.

As with many other patients who seek full mouth implants, Goran suffered from caries (decay) and nocturnal bruxism (night grinding). Whatever teeth were left in his mouth were severely worn and couldn’t be saved.

After analysing the scans, a cyst was found in the upper jaw, which needed to be removed before implant rehabilitation. After this was done, Goran was ready for his implants. He decided to go with 6 implants in the upper jaw for extra stability and 4 implants in the lower jaw.

Procedure: Goran’s remaining teeth were removed while he was asleep and 6 implants were placed in the upper jaw as well as 4 implants in the lower jaw. Goran returned the following day for his temporary bridges, which he wore for five months. The temporary bridges were replaced with definitive upper titanium reinfused acrylic bridge, and a lower titanium/acrylic bridge on 4 implants. Because of his grinding, Goran wears an occlusal splint (grinding guide) to protect his new teeth and implants from fractures.

Goran has been thinking about implants for many years, he can finally eat and smile again.

Patient: Goran

Condition: Goran’s teeth were decayed, broken, ground down to the gum-line, and he had a deep overbite. He reported having multiple infections, and needing to take antibiotics to contain them. On smiling, he displayed too much gum, and due to severe grinding (nocturnal bruxism), his teeth were very short. If Goran had decided to restore his teeth, he would’ve required gum surgery (crown lengthening) and multiple crowns, coupled with individual implants to replace his back teeth.
He’d lost all faith in his teeth & didn’t want to entertain the idea of restoring them. His uncle had wanted All-on-4 (4 implants), but his dentist recommended six implants instead of four. Goran had spent a considerable amount of time researching his options and after much consideration he decided that All-on-6 (6 implants) was the best option for him.

Procedure: upper and lower all-on-6 with both upper and lower zirconia bridge upgrades for better strength. Goran also wears an occlusal splint of a night time to protect his new teeth from grinding.

Patient: Fabian

Condition:  By the time Fabian came in to see us, he had already seen a periodontist (gum specialist), and was aware that most of his top teeth would eventually need replacement due to advanced gum disease (adult periodontitis).  Some of his lower teeth have already been replaced with implants more than eight years prior. He wanted to maintain his top teeth for as long as possible, and a gum health routine was implemented for the next six years until more of his teeth became loose, at which stage a decision to replace them with implants was made.

Procedure: Upper six implants replaced all the top teeth, followed by immediate fixed teeth.  After all the implants integrated, five months later the temporary teeth were replaced with a definitive bridge. Fabian opted for a zirconia bridge upgrade to improve their strength and durability.

Patient: Claire

Condition: Clare lost her teeth 20 years ago. She has never gotten used to her full dentures. They were so uncomfortable that she would only wear them when she went out. However, one thing she liked about her dentures is the way they looked so we wanted to replicate the same look in her new implant supported teeth. After an extensive discussion about the effect of smoking on lower success rates of implants, Claire was adamant that she could not quit smoking, and was prepared to take the risk.

Procedure:  Claire surprised us all by quitting smoking. Even now she hasn’t picked up a cigarette. Four upper and four lower implants were placed under general anaesthetic in one day. Because her bone was soft, she needed to wait five months before we could fix new teeth to the implants. Because Clair was already used to not wearing teeth, she didn’t mind the wait without temporary teeth. In five months, titanium reinforced acrylic upper and lower teeth were made.

We will never forget Clair’s kind words of happiness her new smile brought into her life.  Every time we see her, she keeps telling us how her life has changed as a result. Claire’s story is an inspiration for us all! You look spectacular!

Patient: Brad

Condition: Meet Brad, who had difficulty eating, struggled with his speech, and was dealing with gum disease.  He has been wearing an upper partial denture but desired a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to restore his oral function and appearance.

Procedure: To address Brad’s dental concerns comprehensively for the upper teeth, we recommended a All-on-5 and for the lower jaw all on 4 implants, providing a strong and natural-looking replacement. Brad can now enjoy a renewed sense of confidence, with strong and aesthetically pleasing teeth that enhance both his appearance and oral function.

Patient: Elvira

Condition: Elvira only had a few teeth remaining and recently lost four more teeth. The teeth remaining were in a poor condition. Her lower denture didn’t fit well and was loose. She has researched all-on-4 dental implants and wanted to replace all her teeth. Elvira always had a gummy smile and wanted to correct that too.

Procedure: Elvira’s teeth were replaced with four implants in the lower jaw and four in the upper. Because the implants in the lower jaw were not stable enough to support new teeth immediately, she had to wait five months before she got teeth in the lower jaw. However, in the upper jaw immediate new teeth were inserted within a few days of the surgery. Her new smile is a vast contrast to the gummy smile she previously had.

Patient: George

Condition: George presented with severe decay affecting his few remaining teeth. His dental health had reached a point where salvaging the remaining teeth was not a viable option. He expressed a keen interest in the All-on-4 procedure, seeking a solution for both upper and lower teeth. George desired natural-looking teeth that would be a suitable match for his overall appearance.

Procedure: George underwent All-on-4 implant surgery for both the upper and lower jaws. The procedure involved the removal of his deteriorating teeth and the placement of four implants in each jaw. The use of titanium-reinforced acrylic teeth was chosen to replace George’s missing teeth, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution.
Following successful implant anchoring, George returned the next day to receive his temporary bridges. This interim solution significantly improved the appearance of his smile. Despite a brief period of consuming soft foods during the initial five months to allow for complete implant integration, George’s overall experience with the procedure was positive. He can now enjoy a diverse range of foods with confidence, thanks to his new upper and lower titanium-reinforced acrylic teeth.

Patient: Belinda

Condition: Belinda came to our clinic accompanied by her father, explaining that she lost all her teeth eight years ago and has been living without teeth ever since. She had been considering the option of All-on-4 to replace her teeth after so many years.

Procedure: In the initial phase of treatment, we performed a procedure under general anesthesia, placing four implants in the lower jaw and two in the upper jaw. However, due to insufficient bone in the upper jaw, it was necessary to perform bone grafts. This allowed us to place an additional two implants in the grafted areas. After five months, once all the implants had successfully integrated, we proceeded to create upper and lower All-on-4 bridges to restore Belinda’s smile and oral function. Belinda’s case was unique in that she had become accustomed to a life without teeth, but societal pressure led her to reconsider. It will take Belinda some time to adjust to having a mouthful of teeth. We want to emphasize that we believe you are beautiful, Belinda!

Dental Implants

Patient: Ben

Condition: Ben experienced a traumatic accident five years prior to seeing us, resulting in the loss of the crown of his front tooth. While the root of the tooth remained, he wore a temporary acrylic denture. His previous dentist recommended keeping the root in place to preserve bone structure until Ben is ready for an implant. Ben started noticing signs of gum inflammation around the remaining tooth root, which has raised concerns about his gum health, and therefore he was ready for a permanent solution.

Procedure: The residual tooth root was removed, and the tooth socket was filled with bone material in order to preserve bone for an implant. Several months later an implant was placed into the same area, and allowed to heal for three months. As soon as the implant was fused (integrated) with the jaw bone, a crown was made to be an exact match to Ben’s natural teeth.
Ben’s goal was to achieve optimal gum health and a long-term solution for the broken tooth. If planned well, a dental implant can be almost indistinguishable from a natural tooth.

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