How do I take care of dental implants at home?

The easy answer? Just like a natural tooth. Implants are designed to be the next best thing to your natural tooth for eating, looks, everything—and just like your natural teeth, they need to be looked after home.

Just like your teeth, they need to brushed daily with a soft toothbrush and flossed daily.

Flossing is very, very important!

An implant can last a lifetime, however bacteria around the implant can infect the implant. These infections can be very difficult to treat and can even lead to loss of the implant years down the track when you thought everything was healed. Flossing every day prevents these infections.

If a dentist tells you grind your teeth, it’s also very important you wear an occlusal splint while you sleep.  An occlusal splint is a hard protective plate you wear at night, that prevents chipping of the implant crown or overloading by these grinding forces—overloading an implant can cause it to become loose and even fall out.

An implant, like your natural tooth, can last a lifetime. Look after your teeth well, and your smile will thank you.


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