Prevent Bone Loss After Tooth Extraction

Losing a tooth can be an unsettling experience, often accompanied by concerns about how it will affect your eating, appearance, and self-esteem. Luckily, we have good tooth replacement options. With advances in implantology, dental implants have become very popular. There are no surprises! A dental implant can feel just like your natural tooth. However, an […]

The Dental Implant Process spelled out

dental implants

Deciding to undergo dental implant treatment is a significant step towards not just restoring a smile but enhancing overall oral health and quality of life. Once you decide to do it, it just can’t happen fast enough. Most people want the new teeth quickly, but I tell them that we have to be patient. A […]

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Dental implants

Perhaps you’re about to lose a tooth or you’ve neglected your teeth over the years. You’ve decided now is the time to do something about your teeth. You’ve heard of dental implants and they seem to be the best thing since sliced bread. They can solve all your dental problems; you’ll never have to see […]

Why do Full Mouth Dental Implants cost so much in Australia?

dental implants cost in Australia

The cost of full mouth implants in Australia As a dentist, by far the most common objection I hear to full mouth dental implants, is the cost. Many people want and need to replace their teeth but the high cost of dental implants can make them seem truly unaffordable. I have experienced first-hand as people […]

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