All-On-4 is a well-known name in full mouth dental implants, and for good reason. There is an ample amount of research and evidence that it does work, and it’s very cost-effective in replacing all of your teeth. All-On-4 is a system where four implants—the absolute minimum—can be placed in the mouth with a fixed bridge of teeth screwed into these implants as an alternative to traditional dentures.

However, just because four is the minimum amount of implants doesn’t mean it’s always the best option for every patient.

Because four implants are the minimum, if a single implant fails, the bridge of teeth can  no longer be supported. In cases where a patient has a higher risk of implant failure due to lifestyle choices like smoking, poor-quality or minimal amounts of bone for the implant to be anchored to, or conditions like bruxism (grinding your teeth), your dental implant surgeon may recommend you get five, six, or even more implants to give you the greatest chance of complication-free full mouth dental implants in the long-term.


Dr Helen Voronina
Smile Consultation