Should I get fixed or removable implant bridges?

When you’re considering total teeth replacement implants, one of the options to consider are whether you want fixed implant bridges that stay attached to the implants at all times or fixed/removable implant bridges, which can be removed for cleaning and sleeping.

You may be wondering why removable implant bridges would be an option, after all, most people seeking out dental implants want the closest thing to their natural teeth and natural teeth stay put. However, there are some serious benefits to removable implant bridges.

  • They’re great for ‘bruxers’ or people who grind their teeth at night in their sleep.  Bruxers are at a higher risk of bridge fracture or broken bridges because the extreme forces of grinding cause undue wear and tear on the bridges.  Removable bridges can be removed at night, stopping the grinding damage altogether.
  • Cleaning them is easier. Implants and implant bridges have to be cleaned just like your natural teeth to keep the implants healthy. Flossing under the bridge around the implants can be tricky for some patients, and patients with a history of periodontal disease need to be very careful because implants can develop a similar disease called peri-implantitis that can cause very serious issues down the track. Being able to remove your new teeth for cleaning is advantageous.
  • They don’t move around like dentures.  One of the main concerns patients have when removable bridges are recommended to them is the uncomfortable shifting and embarrassing dislodgements of dentures.  However, removable implants are fixed very securely to the implants until you remove them and will not rub or fall out like dentures.

If you’re considering removable implant bridges, it’s a good idea to chat with your dentist about it before the surgery to ensure you get the outcome you desire in the long term.

Dr Helen Voronina
Smile Consultation