If dental phobias keep you up at night and the thought of undergoing dental treatment seems impossible, Dr Helen’s Dental & Implant Studio offers Twilight Sleep Dentistry.

Sound asleep! What a great way to have you dental treatment done.Dr Helen and our talented anaesthetist creating smiles.If you think you'd like your dental treatment done under general anaesthetic, call us today on 03 95105597http://bit.ly/2kGbvwy

Posted by Dr Helen's Dental & Implant Studio on Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Imagine going to sleep in the dentist’s chair and waking up with a painless, beautiful smile! Sleep Dentistry in Melbourne takes the stress off of you and can be a cost-effective, painless way to get work done on your mouth without the pain or strife of dental treatment.

Twilight sleep dentistry in Melbourne usually takes place in a big, unfamiliar hospital that will charge overhead costs and additional stresses. Dr Helen does anaesthesia right in her office so that you never have to go anywhere else for the course of your treatment.

Sedation dentistry in Melbourne is often covered by Medicare, so the hourly cost is even lower after a rebate.

To schedule a consultation to see if sleep dentistry is right for you, call our receptionist at (03) 9510 5597.  Please note we also offer other types of oral sedation and consultations for dental phobia discussions.