Smile Consultation

Cosmetic teeth straightening in Melbourne is now at your fingertips. For adults who don’t want the pain and embarrassment of traditional braces, Dr Helen offers ClearPath orthodontics at her clinic.

A series of clear aligners are worn over the course of treatment that can be removed to eat and drink easily. Virtually invisible, these retainers are easy to wear in all settings, including at the office, at home, and even on vacation! ClearPath dental treatment in Melbourne is growing more and more popular, and offers the most refinement and value in invisible brace technology.

Cosmetic teeth straightening can completely change the way you view your smile. Teeth crowding can cause embarrassment to smile, speech impediments, and even decay. ClearPath Orthocare can give you a beautiful, natural, straight smile.

Sharon's experience

ClearPath Aligners – New Video for Patient Educatuon by AACD

If you’re looking for ClearPath Orthocare in Melbourne, look no farther than Dr Helen’s. This cost-effective, non-invasive procedure is one of our most sought-after treatments.