Smile Consultation

There are many options for denture wearers who are tired of loose-fitting, painful, or hard-to-eat-with dentures, including overdentures and fixed dentures. Overdentures are implant supported dentures that get attached to implants during the day and are removable for cleaning and sleeping as needed.

Fixed dental implants are placed in the mouth and dentures can be anchored to them. They differ in complete teeth replacement or All-On-4, in that All-On-4 is a fixed bridge of teeth rather than a denture that is only removable by a dentist. There is no risk of them falling out while speaking, either!

Overdentures on fixed implants are suggested to patients who deal with bruxism or night time grinding, as being able to remove them saves the teeth from undue wear and tear that can lead to expensive fixes. They are also suggested for people who enjoy being able to thoroughly clean their dentures without going to the dentist for maintenance.

If you’re looking for fixed dental implants in MelbourneDr Helen can help. After a consultation, she can provide you with all the options to give you the smile of your dreams.