As the official dentist for the Melbourne Football Club, Dr Helen is pretty familiar with people who have lost a tooth from sport injuries!  Trauma such as a bad tackle, a fall, or a red-flagged foul can damage healthy teeth. Whether you lost the tooth because of a fracture or it was a sacrifice to make the winning goal, we can get your smile back to normal. If you’re looking for a dental implant in Melbourne, we can help.

Teeth implants in Melbourne aren’t just for denture wearers. Dr Helen is a certified implant dentist in Melbourne who is on the cutting edge of experience for tooth loss from trauma. Often when a tooth is damaged from a fall or accident, not only is the tooth broken, but some of the bone in the mouth supporting the tooth is lost, too. Dr Helen is renowned for tooth implants in Melbourne’s CBD because she is trained in two types of bone grafting to replace this lost bone: vertical and width bone grafting.  Often people are told they can’t receive an implant because vertical bone grafting is a very complex procedure, but Dr Helen is experienced in this technique.

If you’ve lost a tooth in a sport injury and you’re looking for teeth implants in Melbourne, please give us a ring at (03) 9510 5597 to book a comprehensive consultation!