Smile Consultation

There are different types of individual dental implants.  For many years, the waiting time between implant surgery and getting a new tooth (crown) secured to the implant was months.  Now, Dr Helen offers immediate dental implants. For many qualified patients, Dr Helen offers immediate implant placement, where the crown can be secured the same day as the implant surgery, leaving you with a perfect smile.

Many patients are qualified patients for immediate dental implants.  Some patients need time for the implant to integrate with the bone before the teeth can bear the load of chewing, talking, and biting, but many patients with sufficient bone who have lost teeth recently may be eligible for immediate implants.

Not every implant dentist is an immediate implant dentist, so when doing your research for immediate implants in Melbourne, be sure to ask about this new option.  Beautiful, painless immediate dental implants are the newest advancement in implant technology!