Nocturnal Bruxism, otherwise known as night-time grinding, is a good example of how our lifestyle links to our dental health. We are seeing more and more patients who exhibit this behaviour. Often, the signs are clear. If you wake with pain or tension in the jaw, most likely, you have been grinding your teeth. An examination can reveal the cause of the problem such as signs of wear on the surfaces of the teeth involved in the grinding. If allowed to continue without intervention, the affected teeth will weaken and become prone to chipping and fracturing. Once teeth are worn and broken, it will be more expensive to fix than if the problem had been addressed earlier.

The solution is a custom-made occlusal splint (plate) which you wear at night while asleep. The splint is made of hard acrylic to the specifications of your mouth. Two visits are required: the first to take the impressions and the second to fit the splint and make sure it’s comfortable for you to wear. If looked after, the splint will give you many years of protection.