Let’s Have a Conversation: Consultations at Dr. Helen’s

One of the most common ways to alleviate a fear of flying is to introduce the flyer to the pilot before their trip.  Sometimes, a quick chat with the person behind the controls is all that’s needed to put a nervous flyer at ease.  Dr. Helen Voronina of Dr. Helen’s Dental and Implant Studio believes that a consultation with the dentist can give the same peace-of-mind to the new dental patient looking for a dental care provider.

What’s included in the $62.00 consultation?

We here at Dr. Helen’s Dental and Implant Studio believe a good consultation includes:

  • A chance to start a conversation about your dental health history and goals, establishing trust between the dentist and the patient;
  • A chance for you to discuss any dental phobias and treatment options to ease these fears;
  • How to achieve the smile of your dreams;
  • A thorough, pain-free exam and oral cancer screening;
  • An all-inclusive treatment plan with a precise, accurate price quote.

Personalised Treatment Plans Mean No Hidden Costs or Surprises

It is perhaps this last point that we feel is one of the most important outcomes of a fantastic consultation; by discussing all of your available options and giving you a thorough step-by-step treatment plan, you can choose the safest, most cost effective and hassle-free option that is tailored to your dental needs to give you the results you want. There are no hidden fees or surprises in the treatment plan—Dr. Helen wants to help you make the most informed choice that you’re comfortable with that suits your individual needs.

Some larger clinics advertise free, short consultations to potential clients. These sessions tend to be information-only, without much of a chance to ask questions or examine your individual mouth. Because we take the full hour to really get to know you and your dental health concerns, we can tailor each and every treatment to you and give you every option, sometimes saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary treatments.

For instance, we have had patients who believe their teeth are beyond help and wish to proceed with implant or All-On-4 surgery with us.  By doing a thorough exam and discussing the options, Dr. Helen was able to save their healthy teeth and find more cost-effective and less invasive treatments that gave them gorgeous, natural smiles they’re proud to wear.

Teeth Grinding Treatment

You’re in Control, We’re Here to Help

Because Dr. Helen sits down with each and every new patient of her Dental and Implant Studio, she’s able to personalise her extensive general, cosmetic, and surgical dental expertise to find the best treatment for you. Your mouth is uniquely yours, so your consultation should be, too. We ask the right questions so that we can give you the right information so that you know all of your options. We want you to have the very best care, from the moment you walk in the door.

Whether you have questions about improving your general dental health, cosmetic concerns, relieving dental anxiety, or want to know your options regarding our in-house surgical procedures, please give us a ring. With extended morning and after-work hours, we’ll find a time that suits your schedule. (03) 9510 5597