Smile Consultation

Dr Helen is an expert in dental anxiety and phobia treatment. If you’re looking for a dental phobia dentist in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place.

Dental anxiety is one of the most debilitating fears there is, because the longer you go without facing a dentist, the worse the problem can become. Dr Helen believes in creating a judgment-free, open space where you, the patient, are in control. She offers every option, explains every step along the way, and if at any time you feel uncomfortable, she lets you decide when you’re okay to continue. Schedule a dental phobia consultation with our receptionist today to put an end to the years of fear and suffering you’ve experienced.

Here are some helpful tips in finding dental phobia treatment:

  • Injections shouldn’t hurt if done patiently.
  • Schedule a consultation instead of a procedure. Sometimes just having a chance to talk to the dentist without the pressure of an exam or procedure can help rebuild trust.
  • Look into dentist anxiety medication. A light oral sedative can put you at ease before a procedure and can be budget-friendly. Dr Helen can recommend some medications.
  • Remember that Dr Helen can do twilight dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry, under general anaesthetic at her practice for the most phobic patients. Cleans, fillings, and crowns can all be done under general anaesthetic and are as simple as falling asleep and waking up with an improved smile.

Dr Helen feels so passionately about helping patients conquer their dental phobias that she wrote an open letter to fearful patients. Check it out here for more information.