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What Makes a Consultation with Dr. Helen So Special?

Let’s Have a Conversation: Consultations at Dr. Helen's One of the most common ways to alleviate a fear of flying is to introduce the flyer to the pilot before their trip.  Sometimes, a quick chat with the person behind the controls is all that’s needed to put a nervous flyer at ease.  Dr. Helen Voronina [...]

When Irish Eyes are Smiling!

Before After Meet Sean our lovely Irish patient who had veneers done before heading home to visit his family and show off his new smile. Sean had ground down his front teeth making them look unsightly. He has been thinking about having the damage repaired for a long time. Now he is able to smile [...]

Meet Sandra – one of our happy All on 4 patients

Sandra has been wearing a partial denture for many years and wasn't comfortable. She wanted to improve her smile. After having her upper denture and teeth replaced with All on 4 implants, she is smiling confidently again. If you want to know your suitability for this procedure, call us on 03 9510 5597 to discuss.   [...]

Meet Donna, our latest smile make over patient

Donna always wanted a natural, bright and beautiful smile. Donna's teeth were already white, and she was happy with her gums displaying on smiling, but she didn't like how they were worn down, and had gaps between them. After having 9 porcelain veneers, Donna is thrilled with her new smile. Before         [...]

Meet our latest All on 4 patient Tony

Meet our latest All on 4 patient Tony All-on-4 Permanent Set of Replacement Teeth in 1 day All-on-4 uses just 4 titanium implants to support a fixed bridge, replacing all your upper or lower teeth in 1-3 days while you are asleep. All-on-4 dental implants will help you regain a beautiful smile, giving you greater [...]