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Dr Helen discusses the advantages of dental implants over dentures

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Dr Helen shares her thoughts on ethical and sustainable dentistry, and eating a healthy, meat-free diet

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Dr Helen discusses nutrition and oral health on 88.3 Southern FM

Dr Helen Veronina walks the talk when it comes to ethical and sustainable dentistry

Dr Helen Voronina’s successful dental and implant practice is at the ethical and sustainable forefront of Australian dentistry. Ethical and sustainable are much more than just buzzwords in today’s business environment. Consumers are now well informed about business practices and actively make choices based on personal criteria. Read more

Australian Women’s Health

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Dr Helen Voronina from Dr Helen’s Dental & Implant Studio in Victoria says, “Oral diseases can affect cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and neurological health. The mouth is often the first indicator of mortality-causing diseases and the safest area to treat to improve whole-body wellness.” Read more

Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Helen Voronina

Dr Helen Voronina is an implant dentist and owner of Melbourne based practice, Dr Helen’s Dental & Implant Studio. Dr Helen works collaboratively with her patients to transform their smiles with implants and cosmetic dentistry, and is known for her personable and gentle approach to dental procedures. Read more

Why Veganism is more than a diet

Our individual actions carry an enormous impact on the lives of others, our environment and our own health. Veganism is synonymous with a diet that’s free from animal products but true care for animals extends beyond the obvious. If we are to call ourselves compassionate and moral, we have to think about how we choose to apply these terms. Read more

5 things you didn’t know were affecting your oral health

As a dental implant surgeon, I often see patients at the end stages of tooth loss. While I love the ability to get a patient back on track with their health by doing full-mouth reconstructions, implants, etc., I do believe that as doctors, treatment should be only a small fraction of what we do. Read more

Mindful Dentistry Is A Thing If You’ve Been Putting Off A Check-Up

If even just the thought of booking an appointment sends you into a tailspin, this approach could be the fix. There are a multitude of reasons people put off going to the dentist. From an appointment being too far down the priority list to never being able to find the extra time or cash, no one likes the thought of being poked and prodded in the mouth. Read more

Vegan-Friendly Dentistry: What Is It And Where Can You Find A Practice That Supports You?

With the ever-rising numbers of ethically conscious people, veganism is on the rise. There is a plethora of information online about animal agriculture and its damaging effects on the environment, our health and cruelty towards animals. People from all walks of life are uniting in this unprecedented movement in the history of humankind to safeguard the innocent and to protect our planet. But what about medicine and dentistry? People are becoming more aware of the plight of animals in medical research. But what can we do? Read more