Smile Consultation

Dr Helen offers many implant solutions for missing teeth or complete teeth replacement. One of the most effective solutions, All On 6 dental implants, are offered at our studio.

All On 6 implants use just six implants in the jaw to support a fixed set of teeth. You can eat anything you like and talk easily, while enjoying natural and beautiful looking teeth. The advent of this technology makes getting All On 6 dental implants in Melbourne easier and more cost-effective.

Dr Helen reviews each patient for the best solution to achieve their goals, and for many patients, All On 6 dental implants will be the best option. Dr Helen has been offering All On 6 at her clinic in Melbourne for almost a decade, so her knowledge and expertise in this technology is extensive.

If you’re interested in this procedure, we offer one-hour consultations for our new patients which include a comprehensive exam and full treatment plan with expected costs, steps, and every option. Please get in touch with our team to arrange a consultation with Dr Helen.

What does a total teeth replacement cost?