What are Immediate Implants?

Immediate implants are implants that are placed in the jaw at the same time a tooth is extracted.

In some cases, a tooth can be removed and the implant can be placed straight after. Not always, however.  Most immediate implant cases are cases where a tooth is being removed at the front of the mouth and where:

  • 30% solid bone is available
  • The patient has a thick gum biotype

A person’s gum biotype is genetic.  Some patients have thick gums that respond well to immediate implant treatment. However, people who have a thinner gum biotype are not always good candidates for immediate implants as gum needs time to heal to avoid recession which can look unsightly at front of the mouth.

If we can’t place an implant immediately, we generally need to wait three months for the bone around the extraction site to heal.  We always offer a temporary solution that camouflages the missing tooth, so that you aren’t without teeth at any stage of the process.

The reason back teeth are not usually suitable sites for immediate implants is because they’re larger, bear more of the load of chewing, and also leave a larger extraction site after they’re removed, which generally require donor bone to be added to the site to give the implant sufficient anchorage.

The only way to assess your eligibility is to book a consultation with your implant surgeon so that they can measure and assess your individual needs and tailor a treatment plan for the best outcome for you.

Dr Helen Voronina
Smile Consultation