If you’re considering general anaesthesia for a dental procedure, you may be wondering about the safety of general anaesthesia.

Being completely asleep for your dental treatment is often required for lengthy procedures, such as bone grafting and complete teeth replacement implant procedures. Some people also opt to do their routine dental treatment under general anaesthesia to alleviate anxiety that can come from a dental phobia.  Whether you’re thinking of undergoing general anaesthesia for a complex surgery or straightforward procedure, like a crown, there are definitely many considerations to be taken.

The risks for general anaesthesia are low. To ensure we’re minimising your risk even further, we take an extensive medical history before the treatment, which is assessed by an experienced anaesthetist. Most people are safe candidates for general anaesthesia, but some markers for high-risk candidates who may need to receive treatment in hospital are:

  • People with uncontrolled diabetes or heart condition
  • Very overweight or underweight people
  • Children

Dental anaesthetists in Australia require extensive training and their standards of care are highly regulated. We are able to offer full general anaesthesia at our clinic rather than having to go to a hospital. Rest assured that if you’re getting general anaesthesia at Dr. Helen’s Dental & Implant Studio, your procedure will not only be overseen by Dr. Helen and her nurse, but a fully qualified general anaesthetist and anaesthetic nurse, as well.

Dr Helen Voronina
Smile Consultation