When you’ve lost a tooth because of decay, injury, gum disease, or another factor, your dentist may give you the option of getting an implant. If your dentist doesn’t offer implants, they may refer you to another implant dentist in Melbourne who can help. A question many of our patients here at our clinic for dental implants near Melbourne CBD ask is whether or not it’s worth it to get an implant to replace a single tooth. When someone loses a tooth, there are a few options including a bridge, denture, or merely leaving it, especially if it’s an unseen tooth in the back of the mouth.

Here are some options to consider:

  1. Bridges require damaging other healthy teeth. When a dentist makes a bridge, they must shave down the existing tooth on either side of the missing one in order to fit the bridge to the mouth. This can damage healthy teeth and can risk their longevity in the long term. Implants don’t cause any damage to other teeth around it. In Melbourne, dental implants are becoming very popular, and there’s a reason why!
  2. Implants save adjacent teeth from undue wear and tear. When your mouth is missing even one tooth, the chewing forces bear an even greater load on the teeth around the missing space. This can lead to issues for the teeth that have to do more of the work, including fractures, chips, and broken fillings. Implants act just like your natural teeth and can bear the chewing forces to better distribute them.
  3. When a tooth is removed, the tooth above it or below it will actually grow out. This process is called super-eruption. Teeth like to touch, and if there’s no tooth below or above it, the tooth will begin to super erupt. In the short term, this makes the tooth look longer in the smile, and in the long term it ultimately leads to losing that tooth, as well. An implant stops this process from happening. An experienced dentist who knows how to expertly make a dental implant in Melbourne will craft the implant to work perfectly with your bite and stop this from happening.
  4. Dentures aren’t comfortable. Even well-crafted dentures move when talking, rub against the gum or roof of the mouth, and need to be removed. They often can bear the load of eating crunchy foods without breaking or causing pain. If you’re considering a tooth implant in Melbourne, remember that implants are the next best thing to your natural tooth, and you can eat anything you’d like with an implant.

If you’re considering teeth implants in Melbourne and want to learn more about it or ask questions you may have, Dr Helen books full hour consultations where she can help you decide the best option for you, your budget, and your smile goals.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr Helen Voronina

Dr Helen Voronina is the principal dentist at "Dr Helen's Dental & Implant Studio". Having graduated from the University of Melbourne and later from the Brener Implant Institute, in her practice she places emphases on the implant, aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. She is a member of the Australian Dental Association, The International Congress of Implantology and The Australian Society of Implant Dentistry (ASID). She is a former chairperson for the National Dental Foundation and an official dentist for the Melbourne Hearts Football Club.